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Solid Surface Countertops

When it comes to ultimate customization, nothing beats solid-surface countertops. Made out of acrylic or polyester resin, these countertops can be any shape, size, pattern, or texture. The MKD team has the experience to print, sand, cut, and mold the countertop of your dreams, so contact us to get started.

Solid Surface: Seamless, Modern, and Beautiful

There’s nothing we love more than pushing the limits of countertop design, and solid surface countertops are the perfect material. Infinite color, texture, and shape possibilities are just a few of the advantages of solid-surface countertops. Explore the rest below:

It has invisible seams.

  • Don’t worry about crumbs and dirt getting stuck in the cracks of your counter and enjoy an endless, smooth surface that’s easy to clean.

It’s stain-resistant and antimicrobial.

  • Non-porous and tough, it resists stains and bacteria so you can always trust your countertop. Just clean it up with soap and water.

It’s good for indoor air quality.

  • Certified NSF by Greenguard, it minimizes outgassing and doesn’t release toxins into the air.

It’s easy to keep beautiful.

  • If the countertop gets chipped, scorched, or scratched, it’s easy to erase marks with a light sanding.

It’s printable. 

  • You can put images, text, and patterns into the counter by heating the surface and transferring the ink under vacuum conditions. Let the MKD team handle the job and achieve the look you want.

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