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Top 5 Granite Countertops for Waterfall Islands

Whisper White Granite Waterfall Island

Waterfall islands have been growing in popularity for nearly two decades, with no sign of being written off as “just a trend” anytime soon. The innovative waterfall countertop has a signature edge that, unlike other edge profiles, flows from the surface of the countertop all the way to the floor. The waterfall island continuously lives up to its surrounding hype and is known to be an elegant kitchen design feature.

The stunning kitchen element is a beautiful addition to any home and when paired with the right granite countertop material, a waterfall island leaves show-stopping results. From bright white countertops to jet black countertops, we want to help you find the perfect granite to use for your own waterfall countertops. Prepare to be blown away by the top five granite countertops for waterfall islands!

Whisper White

A white waterfall countertop can take a great kitchen and make it spectacular! If you’ve been looking for the perfect white countertop to create a stunning waterfall island, Whisper White is certain to leave you speechless. This kitchen design features a Whisper White waterfall panel, that consists of a dramatic pattern of black and gray veins. Paired with white flooring and dark gray backsplash, this waterfall countertop is a breathtaking centerpiece to the design. The waterfall countertop perfectly showcases the white stone’s unique variations and movement, brilliantly flowing from the surface of the countertop to the floor. Whisper White granite undoubtedly makes a statement in the kitchen and can ensure your waterfall island will be one of a kind!

Whisper White Granite Waterfall Island

Valle Nevado

Bigger doesn’t always mean better and this waterfall countertop featuring Valle Nevado granite is an impeccable example! The stone’s small and intricate design has low variation, which is ideal for providing subtle elegance and flair to your kitchen, especially when used as a waterfall island! Valle Nevado dazzles in this kitchen design, with the waterfall countertop flawlessly displaying the stone’s brilliant pattern. Paired with dark gray floors, black cabinets, and white brick walls, the waterfall island solidifies the unique beauty of this modern design and creates the perfect focal point for your kitchen.

Valle Nevado Granite Waterfall Island

Venice Cream

A waterfall island is certain to turn heads, but a white waterfall island in Venice Cream will leave you speechless. This white granite countertop creates a warm and inviting ambiance to a kitchen, with the waterfall countertop beautifully displaying the stone’s unrepeatable design. Venice Cream has a high variation pattern that consists of prominent flecks of gold and brown, which pop against the stone’s creamy bedrock. Paired in this design with light wood flooring and chocolate cabinetry, the waterfall countertop creates the perfect canvas for the white granite to shine.

Venice Cream Granite Waterfall Island

Agatha Black

When it comes to waterfall islands, black granite is one of the most popular choices, and we can see why. Agatha Black is the perfect example of why those in the design industry love black granite waterfall countertops. Recognized for delivering jaw-dropping results, especially when used as a waterfall island, the powerful and jet black granite is a sensational feature in this kitchen. With an exotic design consisting of light gray and white veins, Agatha Black’s dynamic pattern brings movement to the black granite countertop. A waterfall island allows the noteworthy black granite to glide from the countertop surface to meet the floor, showing off the stone’s unique variations. This kitchen’s light gray floors and pale teal walls give the black granite waterfall island the spotlight in this design.

Agatha Black Granite Waterfall Island

Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy granite is a marvelous stone, famous for resembling stars in the galaxy. The black granite can appear almost solid, however, its subtle pattern provides the perfect amount of depth to the stone. Featured as a waterfall island in this kitchen design, the black granite is highly regarded as an exquisite choice for waterfall countertops. The remarkable black granite is a statement maker in this design and creates a beautiful contrast against the white flooring. The Black Galaxy waterfall island adds an eye-catching element to this kitchen and couples attractively with the design’s striking backsplash. 

Black Galaxy Granite Waterfall Island

We used our partner, MSI Surfaces Kitchen Visualizer tool to render these images – Check it out for yourself to try out different countertop options for your dream waterfall island design!

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